The location and wording of the commemorative plaque for the Broadway Theatre is unfortunate for it strongly implies that the Broadway Theatre was located in the Wilcox Mofflin Building, which is not the case. The plaque is located directly in front of the doors to Torrens University and faces the building so it is not surprising that many people are lead to believe the theatre was in the university campus. Instead, when reading the plaque, the old cinema was behind and to the left.

The Broadway Theatre just after the fire in 1972. At the far left can be seen the dark brick of the Wilcox Mofflin Building. There was a small street called Owen Street between the theatre and Wilcox Mofflin.

The wording of the plaque is misleading as well. It states that it is the oldest surviving purpose built cinema. In fact, only the facade of the building survives. The interior was gutted by fire in 1972, rebuilt as a night club, and then in 2006 redeveloped as shops. The original facade can be seen by exiting the Quadrant, and going to the corner of Broadway and Mountain Street. There is a convenience store as well as other businesses at street level as of 2019 in the old building.