The First Australians sculpture depicts women and children near the encampment which once existed nearby. The camp was located beneath the shops in the corner as seen from the sculpture in this photograph. An archaeological dig in 2001-2003 uncovered stone tools at various depths dating back to between 2,800 and 3,500 BCE. Habitation of the site continued up to European settlement. A pond in about the location of the sculpture and an easy ford across the creek to the east side of the sculpture were probably reasons for a permanent at this location.

In front of Torrens U is the Quadrant, a peaceful plaza where students can find sun and fresh air between classes. On three sides are apartments including student accommodation. At ground floor there are restaurants and cafes. In the center is a water feature inspired by Blackwattle Creek which once flowed through here, and near the university entrance is the First Australians sculpture which is a reminder of the generations of Aboriginal tribes people who camped in this place near the creek for thousands of years. The Quadrant is rich with history and sense of community.

In the evenings students enjoy food and drinks in the little cafe’s.
Water is central to the Quadrant. Blackwattle Creek once flowed into Sydney Harbour near here and the creek flowed along the eastern edge of the plaza. The student in the photograph is close to the ford across the creek that the first Parramatta Road used in the earliest years of the colony. In 1807 it was moved to its current location but before that there was a ford, and then a bridge within the Quadrant precinct. The waterfall provides sounds reminiscent of the natural sounds around the creek.
On the other side of the waterfall is a different way to contemplate the peacefulness of the original creek.