The foot print of the original silent movie cinema overlaid on the footprint of the current apartment complex and shops

Due to a misleading commemorative plaque, many Torrens U students think that the original silent movie theatre was located in the Wilcox Mofflin Building. This map shows its correct location in relation to the buildings that exist there now. The facade of the Broadway Theatre was restored earlier this century and can be seen at the corner of Broadway and Mountain Street. Unfortunately the interior space was destroyed in a 1972 fire and after redevelopment as a ballroom and then a nightclub it was finally rebuilt in 2006 partially as shops directly behind the old facade but the original footprint also extended beneath the Quadrant apartment complex as can be seen in the map.

The Broadway Theatre in Ultimo, Sydney, prior to restoration of the facade.
The Broadway Theatre in 2004 prior to restoration of the original arch and building the shopping interiors. The Quadrant apartment complex had already been built at this point.