Old Billy’s cat is 220 years old. He originally had 9 lives, as all cats do, but he discovered that by using the magic Billy Blue pencil he could just add a zero to the 9, making it 90. Now, after another added zero, he has used 890 lives, and soon, he will need to add another zero.

Old Billy’s cat lives secretly in the Ultimo campus. They seek him here, they seek him there, but none can ever catch the blue cat. Students are known to see his long blue tail, or his tall Billy Blue hat in the corridors, and he has been known to sleep in the laps of particularly attractive students in the Breakout Lounge, but mostly, he is little more than subtle blue hint in the mists of a student’s imagination.

The Wisdom of Old Billy’s Cat: https://torrensdiary.com/index.php/the-wisdom-of-old-billys-cat/