I am a student at the Ultimo campus. I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Digital Media majoring in film and video. This website came into existence because of the requirement to design and build a WordPress site in one of my classes. Creating a site that charted my progress through the Bachelor degree seemed a good idea at the time, but the idea grew.

Artist Self Portrait
This is me, Tony, the mature age Digital Media student at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University, majoring in Film and Video.

This is where I need to make clear that this website is in no way a creation of the university, nor does it necessarily reflect the views of Torrens or its fabulous staff. I am exclusively responsible for the content. I hope to present a view of university life from the point of view of one of those poor souls burning the midnight oil in an attempt to finish homework, and hopefully get a good grade at the end of the trimester.