Classes run between 8am and 10pm so sometimes there are late classes. I love the walk home after dark. The city is beautiful at night and by international standards Sydney is a relatively safe city to be out and about. This is my walk home after a late class and the sights I get to enjoy. Come walk with me and enjoy my small slice of Sydney after dark.

In the Quadrant the cafes are busy with students eating and relaxing after classes.
Broadway at night is just as busy as during the daytime.
Along Broadway there are lots of little Asian restaurants with beautiful and exotic tastes and smells. While Chinatown is officially centered in Haymarket, in fact it extends to Broadway and is supported by the large number of Asian students who come to Sydney to study.
Sydney loves shopping and the Broadway shopping malls are open for business.
Walking past UTS is the Underground Bar. It is an age old tradition recorded as early as the 12th century in Oxford University for students to enjoy drinking after classes. UTS students continue the tradition with enthusiasm.
Broadway at the corner of Harris Street, Sydney. I have always loved this feeling of the city. I have known these places for decades. It is my neighborhood and where I love to be.
Railway Square is the interchange between trains, trams, and buses.
Looking towards Haymarket from Railway Square.
A shop window I enjoy looking in is this militaria shop near Railway Square. They sell historic as well as current weapons and uniforms but they also sell NASA gear. It is the historic items that most interest me like the Edo period battle armor, although this is probably a Hanwei version.
These streets have many memories for me. This humble doorway leads to stairs up to a Muay Thai boxing gym. In the 1970’s it was the Double Dragon Kung Fu gym where I went for martial arts training. Times change, but the memories remain.
I walk past this corner of Central Station and its magnificent clock tower most days. I normally don’t go inside, but let me show you a little of it…
This is the Grand Concourse of Sydney’s Central Station. It is a strange mixture of Victorian iron modernity with very traditional Italianate stonework. Only the Victorians could not think this as incongruous, but the result is much loved. Country trains use the platforms to the right. By walking through the arch at the left, near the person in white, you discover the tram platform, although they prefer the more modern term, ‘light rail’…
In 1960 the tram lines were ripped up as being obsolete. In recent years the new light rail is becoming a popular commuting option. At Central Station and Railway Square it is easy to transfer between buses, trains, and trams.
Below the tram tracks is a pedestrian underpass. I love this old stonework. It gives a feeling of strength and permanence that we all need.
Continuing the walk from Central towards home.
Walking through the park.
Walking through Haymarket…
…past busy restaurants.
I walk past a building site where excavations revealed the remains of early 19th century house foundations and a well. The pub next door was built in 1845 and so these remains are probably contemporary or earlier. Historians are recording details and digging for artifacts before the excavations can proceed further.
A bar/restaurant in a warehouse conversion.
One of two design studios I pass on my walk home.
Almost home. My building is next door to the skyscraper with all the lights up ahead.
Past Harpoon Harry’s, one of my local pubs. They make good hamburgers.
I love the tiles on the side of Harry’s.
Every artist loves a framing studio but not every artist has a framer just down the street. Frameworks Custom Picture Framing was open late on my walk home. Thanks for the friendly smiles.
My quiet little street. A happy sight when weary from class and wanting to get a meal before homework.
Home at last. This is my building so it is time to thank you for your company on my walk home, and wish you good night.

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