A lot of people don’t like code, but I am one of those odd people who loves HTML It must be an Asperger thing, it seems a lot of people with Asperger’s like coding. I am not sure why, but perhaps it is because code is such an on/off type of thing. Either it is correct or it is wrong – there is no messy in-between ground, like with most human experience. People with Asperger’s love that kind of clarity. Well, that is my story, anyway, and I am sticking to it.

One of the best innovations in coding was the introduction of colors to make it easier to identify parts of code.

This trimester I have a coding class on Monday morning. It started with basic CMS and proceeded to CSS and Javascript. This week we learned how to use CSS to make a website responsive to different screen sizes so that a website looks good on a smartphone or tablet as well as on desktop computers. It is incredibly satisfying to see the code in action.

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